everything is 2 hard


David Alexander Colville



Straight White Boy Problem #529


bro we should totally carve some marijuana leaves into this pumpkin *doesn’t know how to carve a pumpkin* its ok bro. my mom can do it

saturday: discovered new allergy after having one cider and collapsing on dance floor in full captain jack sparrow costume

sunday: had a 2 hr afternoon nap in some hotel lobby

what did you do this weekend?

very disappointed that both urls dalepooper and specialagentdalepooper are already taken

me too

where is my comb I’ve been brushing my hair with my fingers for a week

second all-nighter in 3 days uuuuuughghhh yeahhhuughhggh


dim sum cantonese cuisine 

小籠包 // 蝦餃 // 蒸饺 

叉燒包 // 燒賣 // 雲吞